Is a Full Bodysuit Helpful for Yoga Practice?

Every yogi wants to feel confident and comfortable during their regular yoga practice. New fashion trends are arising that promise a way to do just that. Perhaps you’ve already seen some of these new developments to yoga fashion, including the introduction of full bodysuits. Many are rightfully wondering whether these items could be the dawn of a new era in comfortable workout clothing.

Maybe the better question is whether a full bodysuit would be helpful for yogis during their routine practice.

A full bodysuit differs from some of the other bodysuits in the amount of coverage that it offers. A traditional bodysuit more closely resembles the fashion of a leotard, allowing the full leg to be exposed. Many yogis were uncomfortable with the exposure this offered, preferring to pair a bodysuit with yoga leggings or pants.

This more modest addition to the yoga apparel lineup offers the same concept but with more fabric. The shirt and pants portion of a workout outfit are joined together into one continuous piece. It typically features tank top straps and a tight fit, transforming into a pair of yoga leggings at the waist.

In many ways, a full bodysuit is really the ideal option for yoga apparel.

No matter how you practice, the continuous nature of the piece makes it very difficult to reveal more than you’re comfortable with. You’ll no longer have to fret over whether your downward facing dog is exposing your stomach. Inversions are easier because your shirt isn’t flopping up over your head.

Even basic poses such as the standing forward fold are more convenient. You can bend as deeply as you want to without worrying about your yoga leggings riding too low on your waist.

This means that yogis can finally return their attention to the alignment of the asana, moving their practice deeper than ever before. Yogis are less likely to sustain unintentional injury from making quick adjustments to a fashion faux pas. You and your classmates will ultimately be grateful for the security and coverage that a full bodysuit can offer to your yoga practice.

The only drawback to this leading apparel item is how much it will leave your body shape exposed. Bodysuits are often made with spandex material and are designed to have a tight fit on your body shape. As a result, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination when it comes to your figure. Yogis with lots of lumps and bumps may not feel completely comfortable in this outfit.

However, they are excellent options for self-conscious yogis who practice at home. You may want to build up your self-confidence with one of these outfits for a while before wearing it to class. Wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to deepen your practice should be viewed as an act of self-love which is an essential piece of yogic philosophy.

Once you don your first full bodysuit, you aren’t likely to want to go back to just t-shirts and yoga leggings ever again.

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