Five Yoga and Meditation Retreats in the U.S. to Consider

Sometimes buying a plane ticket to enjoy a yogic holiday in exotic India might not be at our reach. But there is no need to cancel that spiritual excursion that we so been desiring; the U.S. has seen a bloom of meditation centers in the past years that are worth the visit. We provide you here with a list of five retreats you may want to take into account.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm

It is located in California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada and founded by Indian Swami Vishnudevananda in 1971 as one of his initiatives to spread yoga classical teachings. This ashram offers comprehensive classes, courses, workshops, teacher trainings, health educator trainings, and of course, yoga retreats. Their yoga retreats feature either yoga vacations, stress and relaxation getaways or Ayurveda. All their activities revolve around the five principles taught by Vishnudevananda’s teacher, Swami Sivananda, consisting of proper exercises (asanas), proper breathing (pranayama), proper relaxation (savasana), proper diets (vegetarian) and positive thinking (Vedanta) and meditation (dhyana).


Shambhala Mountain Center

Situated high up in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, this center has been around for more than 40 years and now offers over 100 annual programs ranging from mindful living to indigenous wisdom traditions and from body awareness practices to contemplative arts, amongst many others. Their inspiration has been that of the legend of Shambhala, a kingdom in which the values of compassion and wisdom were found at the core of society. Individuals behind this center seek to spur visitors on a personal and collective quest to experience goodness and wisdom.

Rolling Meadows Retreat

Found at Maine’s rural area 15 miles away from the coast, the Rolling Meadows Retreat offers stays that focus on the practice of Yin Yoga, a practice that places special emphasis on promoting internal heat. They also include meditation and pranayama training alongside some days of sauna. Both their teachers have vast teaching experiences and have qualifications that include Ayurveda, somatics, source-point therapy, hatha yoga, meditation, amongst others. Only up to 10 individuals are accepted at a time, setting the scene for a quiet, personal and calming experience.

Feathered Pipe Ranch

Based in the heart of Montana’s Rocky Mountains, this center is one of the oldest in the country, having been around since 1975. The center offers summer personal growth and yoga retreats, hosting guest teachers of different backgrounds, plus yoga travel programs year-round. Their workshops revolve around the subjects of yoga therapy, meditation, healing arts, mindfulness; amongst others.

The Yoga Lodge

Found on Whidbey Island, this simple and cozy yoga lodge presents a natural sanctuary perfect for unplugging and unwinding. They offer yoga, Ayurveda and mindfulness activities throughout the year, taught by several guest teachers.


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